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Mrs.  Kathryn  Taylor
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Principal's Corner

Welcome to Hop Brook's Website

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to our webpage.  You will find that we update the website to notify you about events and what is happening in our classrooms.  Hop Brook School implements school-wide initiatives to help all students academically and socially. 

Hop Brook School follows the Responsive Classroom School model. This is an approach to teaching and learning that fosters safe, challenging and joyful elementary classrooms and schools. It consists of teaching practices for bringing together social and academic learning throughout the school day. Academic learning happens best within a positive social context.  All classrooms at Hop Brook School hold morning meetings that help build positive classroom environments.   

In a Responsive Classroom approach students receive reminders about appropriate behaviors and may need additional modeling of appropriate behaviors.  If students are still experiencing difficulty they may receive a logical consequence.  Hop Brook School also utilizes Rest and Return.  If a student needs a break they can decide to go to Rest and Return if they feel they need to collect themselves in order to make appropriate choices.  A teacher can also suggest a student use Rest and Return.  Our goal is to help students make responsible choices on their own. 

Students learn how to be an active listener and use responsible talk.  Active listeners have their voices off, eyes on the speaker, hands folded, ears listening and brains thinking.  Responsible talk helps students by providing sentence starters to agree or disagree with a speaker in a respectful manner.  We will continue to work with all students in these areas throughout the school year. 

I hope you continue to explore our website and join us at school for some exciting activities throughout the school year.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or suggestions, my door is always open.


Kathy Taylor