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Class Schedule  


Physical Education Schedule


Please send your student to school wearing sneakers and appropriate clothing on his/her designated Physical Education days!  Thank you!


When does your child have P.E.?



KG- Monday & Tuesday

KO-  Tuesday & Thursday


KS- Tuesday & Friday


1st Grade 

1D- Tuesday & Thursday


1F-  Monday & Wednesday


1Field-  Wednesday & Friday


1L-  Monday & Wednesday


2nd Grade 

2D-  Wednesday & Friday


2N- Monday & Thursday


3rd Grade

3M- Wednesday & Friday


3R-  Tuesday & Thursday


3T-  Wednesday & Friday


4th Grade

4A-  Thursday & Friday


4D- Tuesday & Friday


4S-  Monday & Friday


SOAR- Camire



SOAR- Rattanni



SOAR- Winstanley