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What Are We Learning In Class? 

What Are We Currently Learning In Physical Education?  


In P.E., 3rd and 4th grade students are focusing on the 4 components of fitness and doing the Connecticut Physical Fitness Test. 

The 4 components of fitness are:

Cardiovascular Endurance - How long we can move for or how long we can jog. (PACER Test)

Muscular Endurance - How long our muscles can work for.  When your muscles are working for a longer period of time but not to their maximum. (Curl-up Test)

Muscular Strength - How strong are your muscles.  When your muscles are working for a short period of time but are working very hard. (Push-up Test)

Flexibility - How far your muscles can stretch. (Sit & Reach) 

Students are being challenged to relate specific exercises to 1 of the 4 components of fitness.

Students are also being challenged to improve their personal fitness while improving their personal scores on each of the fitness tests. Students will set personal goals that we will continue to work towards achieving during the whole school year.


In P.E., Kindergarten, First and Second Grade students are focusing on practicing their 7 locomotor movements(walk, run, skip, gallop, slide, jump, & hop) and their movements concepts (speed, levels, pathways, personal space, general space and directions). 


Students are being challenged to improve their form while moving and relating specific locomotor movements to activities used outside of Physical Education.  We will work on using these different movements and concepts in a variety of learning activities.


Students are being challenged to tell me how they use the movement concepts outside of P.E. and times in their lives they can use the movement concepts.