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Dawn Nemeth Staff Photo

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       Welcome to Mrs. Nemeth's 2nd grade classroom!

Our specials this year are:

Monday: Physical Education - 1:56- 2:40

Tuesday: Art - 1:56-2:40

Wednesday: Library - 1:56-2:40

Thursday: Physical Education  - 1:56-2:40

Friday: Music - 9:40- 10:24 and Computer - 1:56-2:40




Dear Parents, 




         Thank you for a wonderful year in second grade! We have enjoyed every minute of it with your children. We have watched them grow academically and socially. Altough they would have attained their growth without us, it has been our pleasure and privilege to watch their personalities unfold day by day. We've spent nine months growing and learning together and have become like a family. During that time, we have laughed, played, studied, learned and enriched our lives together.  Wherever they go, whatever they do, whatever they become, they will always have a place in our hearts.  Thank you for all your support throughout the year! We couldn't have done it without you! We hope you have a relaxing and memorable summer!





                                                                                     The Second Grade Team