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Spelling Words  


Spelling Words

      Vowel Teams (Talkers)


1. train

6. gray         




2. soak            

7. flow

10. animal

14. light

18. greater

3. sweep

8. tiptoe

11. head

15. picture

19. solution

4. beach

9. lie

12. live

16. story

20. realistic

5. seaweed


13. far

17. hard






Write a letter to your friend using at least 5 spelling words.


Write each word once. See how many smaller words you can find within each spelling word.


Go to to create a word search using your spelling words.  Find the hidden words.


Write your spelling words with dots in pencil.  Use a marker/crayon to connect the dots.


Make a greeting card for a family member that uses at least 3 of your spelling words.


Choose a way to sort your words (skill, part of speech, beginning sound, etc).


Cut letters out of a newspaper or magazine to spell your words.


Make a set of Go Fish Cards (2 of each word).  Play with a family member.


Write the title of a make believe book for each spelling word.