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 Until school begins....  

 Enjoy the remaining weeks of summer break with your family and friends.  Play outside as much as possible!   Record the books and articles you read on your summer reading log, and continue to practice your math facts.


Week of August 28

 We will probably have a little math homework this week, and your parents/caregivers will need to complete some forms for the school.





















 Spelling Words


Complete one activity off of the spelling menu for each night of the week.  It is your responsibility to practice the words and spelling patterns at home and be able to spell these words on a short assessment that you will take on Friday.  Please share with me any work of which you are especially proud!  (I love reading your stories and sentences.)  You may bring in your work or e-mail it to me. Be sure that a parent or guardian signs your spelling menu on Thursday night, and that you return it to school on Friday. Study!


Expanding Our Vocabulary

Practice using these words in speaking and writing:

 intense, quantity, abstractarticulate, adjacent, inspire, substantial, conjecture, persevere


Use these morphemes to help you create and comprehend words:

 re- review, repay, rearrange, reunite, rewrite

 un- unable, untie, unbelievable, unacceptable

 dis- disloyal, dishonest, disappear, disrespectful

in - incomplete, inaccurate, invisible, inaudible


Find and discuss words with these Greek and Latin roots:

aud - audible, auditorium, audience

port - portable, transport, airport, portal, export

aqua -  aquarium, Aquaman, aquamarine, agua (Spanish)

uni - unicorn, unicycle, unite, reunion, unit