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Geometry Games

place value link

Coordinates -- Bug Game

Mean, Median, Mode game

Multiplication: Factors and Primes

Interpreting Remainders

Fractions -- Johnnie's Math Page

Equivalent Fractions (Illuminations)

Monkey Banana Angle Game


Math is Fun!

"Study Jams"

Order of Operations

Snowball Fight: Least Common Multiple

Simplifying Fractions

Math Practice --- Your Choice!

Tons of math games.  Scroll down the list to find the skill you want to practice.

Baseball Statistics

Stop the Clock

Multiplication practice

Multiplication practice

Virtual Manipulatives - many activities

Creating Graphs

Time timeline

Biography Search

Ducksters - Biographies

Encyclopedia Britannica

Women Who Changed History

Underground Railroad

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Lewis & Clark

Helen Keller


Book Reviews Response&ESP=SA/ib//acq/reading_response_tnav_SA///nav/txtl////

Coins - U.S. Mint

How Coins are Made - Virtual Tour

Time For Kids Online

National Geographic for Kids

"You Wouldn't Want to be a....." series

Free interactive non-fiction texts, with a dose of humor :-)

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart - short video

Amelia Earhart's TransAtlantic flight

Linda Alvarado

Alaskan Animal Adaptations

Giant Sequoias

Cheetah Cub Cam

Variety of Educational Games

Create a Snowflake

Editing & Revising Practice Tests

Read-Write-Think (Letter Generator)

Games for Every Subject

Mystic Seaport

Tinker Ball

Build an Airplane

2011 Inventions

Research and activities

Academy of Achievement

Thomas Edison

Social Studies
World Atlas

Ellis Island - Virtual Tour

Have Fun with History link to videos

Whaling Adventure

Whaling History

Colonial Life: Trades

Colonial House (pbs)

Colonial Life (Williamsburg)

Brain Surgery

Moon Calendar

Elecricity Activities

Lunar Cycle Challenge

Friction Review

Newton's Laws


Static Electricity

Static Electricity -- Ben Franklin

Lightning Video

Scientific Method

"Study Jams"

Hubbell Telescope Interactive

Math - Rounding
Shark and Alien games

Sea Shell Rounding Game

Rounding - Multiple Choice Questions

Round to Underlined Place

Reading - Main Idea and Details
Main Idea -- "Storm Cloud"

Main Idea - Non-fiction

Main Idea - Ben Franklin

Create a Trading Card

Answer the questions using specific evidence from the text.  Complete this activity at home and it will count for TWO journal entries on your Reading Log.

Morpheme Practice

SBAC practice
Practice Tests

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Growth Mindset
"You Can Learn Anything" video

"How to Grow Your Brain" video

Brain Breaks