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Mr. Hollern's Website
Mr. Hollern's Website

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Fun for all!
Email Etiquette Reminders

A collection of interesting links about how to safely use emails

Raz Kids

*Only if you already know your login information.

Sheppard Software Math Games

Disney Jr

Cool Math for Kids

Typing Games

All kinds of typing games. So many to choose from!

Fun, themed learning games sorted by Grade Level.


Sheppard Software

Giant selection of learning games. Math, reading, science. A little bit of everything.

PBS Kids

Kerpoof Drawing Studio

An easy to use online drawing program.

Jigsaw Puzzles

A great way to practice controlling the mouse. Want a challenge? Adjust the number of pieces.

Typing with the BBC

Need help remembering which fingers go to which keys? This typing website can do the trick!

Alien Typing Arena

Remember to click on the big blue rectangle to get to this typing site.

Fun Brain

Math Playground

Practice your skills and help a good cause as well!

PBS Kids Math Games

Science Games

Typing Web

Please check with me if you've forgotten your username or password.


Wikipedia Search

Mouse Practice

Sheppard Software Kindergarten

A fun collection of games to practice colors, letters, shapes, and numbers.

Cookie Games website

A fun collection of learning games for Kindergarten and First Grade.

Zac the Rat

A Starfall short A story.

Make A Word

Short A Make a Word.

ABC Order

A PBS Kids game to help Kindergartners learn ABC order.

Mrs. Massicotte's Website
Mrs. Massicotte's Website

A fantastic collection of fun learning games for Kindergarten through 4th grade students.