December 2017 Meeting Minutes


Location: Cafeteria

The meeting was called to order by Heisi Figueroa at 6:35 pm

In attendance:

Heisi Figueroa - President, Maria Savage - Vice President, Sarah Gray - Secretary, Helen Paravalos-Velazquez - Treasurer, Jose Velazquez - Board Officer #1, Mrs. DeAngelis (1st grade teacher), Mrs. Taylor (principal), Patrick Ameperosa, Christal Thompson

Heisi Figueroa started the meeting by going over the PTO objectives.  She discussed how this school year's goal is to give back not just to the teachers and staff but also to the Hop Brook Families.

"By Laws Objectives:
1. To provide activities that will enhance the learning atmosphere of HBES.
2. To promote end encourage the participation of parents, guardians, friends, relatives associates, of the student body in PSA sponsored activities."

Principal's Report: Mrs. Taylor
 Thanked the PTO for paying for Amphibian/ Reptile Assembly on 12/5/17
 Stem Night 12/13/17 - open to all grades - more spots available.
 Starting midyear assessments
 Report Cards distributed the week of 11th
 12/15/17- Trimester Award Assembly
 Award for Best attendance for November Mrs. Langdon's first grade
 There are many clothing and other items in the lost and found (outside the office)
o There will a table set in the cafeteria hallway during the Family Arts & Crafts night
 Winter Break is from 12/25/17 to 01/01/18
 Mrs. Taylor raffled out a $50 Stop & Shop card ( every person in attendance was enter to win)

Treasurer's Report: Helen Paravalos-Velazquez
 Beginning Balance October: $19,757.27 Ending Balance October: $20,672.92
 Total expenses for October: $8,305.11
 Beginning Balance for November : $20,719.92 Ending Balance: $16,942.22
 Total expenses for November: $4,279.21
 Beginning Balance for December: $ 16,942.22
o Keep in mind $10K is the safety must remain in the account.
o The trips for the school during the spring will cost roughly $6K
o Ending balance available: $942.22

Box Tops - Coordinator: Heisi
2017-2018 Goal: $3,000 September: $458.60 October: $180.40
 Funds will be going to computer lab and library to purchase new headphones.
 Donations for Box Tops are currently being received from Big Y customers.

Coca-Cola - Coordinator: Heisi
Goal for this program: $1,000 these funds will go back to the teachers
 The school received the first check for $32.63 (this is for codes that were entered over the summer)

Sticker Machine- Coordinators: Heisi & Sarah
 Sales for October and November: $14.00

School Store- Coordinators: Heisi & Sarah
 October Sales: $393.90 November Sales: $139.50
 Send out a reminder on Thursday's with Mrs. Noss the store is open every Friday.

2nd PTO School Event- Coordinator: Heisi & Maria
Glow Bingo Family Night November 3rd
 Great turn out - we had 67 pre-ordered caddy's - over 120 ppl attended
 Suggestions for next year: explain bingo rules before starting games
 May need to set up in the gym due to amount of people that attended.
 Left over items like water, chips and prizes will be used for future events.
 A special Thank You to the volunteers and families for their assistance in this successful community event.

Lyman Orchard- Coordinator Heisi
 2017 Sales: $5,678.00 Profit: $2,067.20 54 Families Participated
 2016 Sales : $4,454.00 Profit: $1,740.80
 Thank you to the volunteers for receiving and distribution. All orders were picked up the same day.
 Top Seller: Isaiah R. (2nd grade DeGennnaro ) he received a $50 Big Y gift card
 Winners of the $25 Big Y gifts cards (which were donated by Big Y)
 Autumn (4th grade Mrs. Schumacher)
 Elise (3rd grade Mrs. Taft)

Winter Wonderland Market Place and Family Arts & Crafts
Coordinators: Heisi & Maria
 This event will take place on Friday December 15th. From 6:30 PM to 8 PM
 Vendor set up: Heisi
o The vendors will be set up in the gym. The Arts & Crafts will take place in the school cafeteria.
 Winter Spirit Wear table: Michelle
o Samples and order forms will be available
 Arts & Crafts table: Helen & Sarah
o 2 crafts per child will be given
 Sales of raffle tickets table: Maria
o Vendors will be donating items for the PTO to raffle out. Tickets for raffle are going to be 4/$1.
o 15 Vendors have been confirmed
o Vendors need to drop off the raffle item by Thursday 14th if at all possible for set up.
 Distribution of snacks table: Jose
o Water, chips and cookies

Chubby Chico:
 This fundraiser was cancelled due to lack of advertisement material provided in a timely manner after numerous attempts to contact the company
 The Board voted on replacing this fundraiser with a soup and cookie dough one.
 Once company confirmed email will be sent to all board members and Mrs. Taylor

Update: David's Cookies & Auntie Anne's Fundraising is the confirmed fundraiser for the fourth grade year end celebration:
 The fundraising information will be sent out to the parents on Friday, January 5th.
 The sale will be going on during beginning January 8th ending Friday 19th.
 The contact information should any questions arise:
 The orders will be submitted to fundraising company by Monday, January 22nd.
 The product will be delivered to school the week of February 12th right before winter break.

Food Drive: Coordinator: Maria
 The human food chain took place on November 14th
 We collected over 500 items valued at $500
 We were able to help over 100 families with these donations
 The next food bank collection is schedule for February and May
 A special thank you email was received from the Naugatuck Food Bank:

"Thanks to you and the other members of the PTO, the staff and all of the students at Hop Brook School for your innovative ideas to help ease hunger for those in need of immediate food assistance. All of your efforts make a profound difference for generating awareness about the importance of providing food and assistance to the neighbors in our community. Keep the creative ideas flowing!
Thanks again on behalf of all of us at the Ecumenical Food Bank.
Blessings, Robin Bennett"

New Business:
A. In our PTO Bylaws there is a section that talks about a Donation Request form that anyone who is looking for donations from the PTO must fill out. The new PTO Board was never given this form therefore, we have voted and agreed on accepting the form for future donation requests. The Board along with Mrs. Taylor will revise the proposed form Maria has put together and email any suggestions.
B. Safe keeping funds was discussed a suggestion was made PTO should keep funds in a safe in the school.
C. Funds should be counted by three PTO board members - Mrs. Taylor will provide office and safe keeping until deposit is made.
D. There are currently special donation programs the principal & staff are involved in on an ongoing basis. If interested see Mrs. Taylor for a donation opportunities.
E. Send out a flyer and email informing the families of the current HBES PTO face book page were all the announcements are made to keep the families updated with upcoming events.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm

Written by: Sarah Gray collaboration with Heisi Figueroa & Maria Savage