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February 2018 Meeting Minutes

Hop Brook Elementary school - PTO Agenda February 6, 2018
Meeting minutes prepared by Maria Savage

Location: Cafeteria
Welcome & Introduction:
o Meeting called to at 6:30 pm
o Welcome families to our school and meeting
o Board introduction
 Entire board present

Ice Breaker - Heisi
o PTO board six members, four staff members, five parents
Principal's Report: Mrs. Taylor
1. Celebrity Breakfast - successful with FBI agents, will have celebrity breakfast once a month.
2. Kindness Week - The most successful day was senior citizens day.
3. BrushStrokes - benefits from the fundraiser will go to HBES garden.
4. Mid-year student data will be sent home on 2/16
5. March conferences and parents surveys will be available to take in the library, if completed in the library student will receive a pair of Hop Brook sunglasses.
6. Kindergarten - registration will be held March 5th through the 9th.
7. Library damage - Pipes burst in the month of January, computers are accessible to the children, the back of the library received the most damage, currently no ability for children to take books out.

Financial Report: Helen
 Ending balance November: $942.22
 Ending balance as of February 12, 2018 with the anticipated deductions our balance is; $10,450.71
 This balance includes:
o $1,351 for the 4th grade picnic
o $6,000 for the field trips
o $809.50 for the computer lab
o $1,966.20 Cherrydale fundraiser
Box Tops: goal is $3,000
 September: $458.60 | October: $180.40 | November: $170.50 | December - no collection
Total: $809.50
 The money will be given to the computer lab to purchase new headphones
 Each Classroom has Representatives.
 The Top Class will win a "Game Party"

 The school received a check for $32.63 this is for codes that were entered during the summer.
o Check received $264.59
o Goal $2,000 go directly to school staff
 We should be receiving the next check in the next few weeks. Checks are sent quarterly.

Sticker Machine sales:
 December: $ January: $14.00
o Positive feedback
School Store sales:
 October: $393.60 | November :$139.50 | December: $264.60 | January : $276.30

Spirit sticks sales:
 January: $82.00
Valentine Day Box Orders:
 Sold 145
 Sales:$725 | Cost: $459.08 | Profit: $265.92
o Half the school participated
o Being delivered Valentine's day February 14th directly to the children
Winter Wear:
 Items sold 25 | Totals sales: $473.00 | Profit: $47.00
 We have 3 additional items that were added to our list that we did not request. We cannot return them because they have our Logo
 Not very successful for future - sell T-shirts and Long Sleeve Shirts

3rd PTO School Event
January - Family Arts & Crafts night:
 We had about 70 people come (including the board and their children)
 Thank you to all volunteers

4th PTO School Event

March - Family Movie Night:
 Date: March 2 (Snow date: March 9)
 Set up: 5:00 pm | Time: Doors open at 6 p.m. movie will start at 6:30p.m
 Location: Gymnasium
 What food/snacks do we want to sell? Open for suggestions
Stations: (we will need volunteers)
1. Sign In
1. RVSP only, flyers will be sent home
2. Picture/Posing Stop
3. Snack/Food Sale
1. RSVP & pre-paid orders only for Pizza.
2. Snacks & water will still be available during the movie.
4. Spirit Stick Sales/ Dog Tag Sales?
1. Board voted - No
5. Managing Movie:
1. Volunteer to run the movie station - Mr. Hollern
6. Sale of raffle tickets for Nature Vision Items:
1. Volunteer monitor station - Maria (cost of tickets 4/$1)
 Tally up the votes for movie selection
o The movie Sing won vote

5th PTO School Event
April - Spring Marketplace
 Date: April 27 | Set up: 5:00 pm | Time: Doors open at 6 - 8 p.m. | Location: Gymnasium

Volunteers needed for the following stations:
1. Decorations:
2. Vendor Greeter: Heisi
3. Raffle Ticket Sales:


February - Cherrydale:
 Total sales: $3,459 ($407 Online sales)
 Profit: $1,085.80
 We had 41 families participated, 3 staff members, no participation from class KG, 1F, class KO had the most participation with 7 families
 Double participation from school year 2016-2017
Top 3 Sellers:
1. Hailey L. (KO)- $345
1. 4 family movie passes
2. Mallory S. (4A) $265
1. $25.00 Friendly's gift card
3. Kayleigh M. (4S) - $252
1. $10.00 Dunkin Donut gift card

Fundraisers - cont:
March - Nature's Vision:

 Total goal sales $8,000 with profit 40% of sales.

March - Scholastic Book Fair: (during Parent-Teacher Conferences)
 Scheduled for Wednesday, March 21 thru Friday, March 23
 Volunteer scheduled:
o Tuesday: set up in the evening - Maria & we need 1 additional volunteer
 Michelle and Jose will help set up
o Wednesday:
 Sarah-during the day & we need 1 additional volunteer
 Maria-evening & we need 1 additional volunteer
o Thursday:
 Sarah-during the day & we need 1 additional volunteer
 Maria-evening & we need 1 volunteer
o Friday:
 Maria during afternoon only & we need 1 additional volunteer
 If we sell over $2,500 we can take 50% scholastic Dollars and/or 25% cash profit.
 This book fair will benefit the library.
o 4 out of 6 Board members voted on scholastic dollars will go directly to school librarian and purchase of traveling rolling cart.
o Send out volunteer email and on Facebook for sign-ups for volunteers.
Food Drive:
 The next food bank collection is schedule Monday, February 12th thru Friday, February 16th.
 Theme: "Healthy Living" we will be collecting items typically not donated to the food bank but are very much needed by the families.
 PJ Day will be honored on Friday 16th for all who donates.
 The last food bank collection is scheduled for May.