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February 2017 Meeting Minutes

Hop Brook PTO Meeting Agenda & minutes from February 17, 2017

Meeting held: School Library

Introductions - current board members:
1. Julie Swindon - President/Parent - attended
1. Donna Gomes -Treasurer/Parent - not in attendance
2. Heisi Figueroa - Box Top Coordinator-Staff/Parent - attended
3. Maria Savage - Food Bank Coordinator-Parent - attended
Attendance: Principal, Mrs. Nelson, Ms. Gerrish and board members above

Treasurers Report-Julie Swindon
• Discussed Fundraiser proceeds from Cristoline $1,300.00 and Paint night $100.00

Principal Report:
• New art teacher coming on board, Mrs. Melina Corra, start date March 6th.
• Upcoming events-the H.B.E.S. website as of March will contain all the upcoming events for the rest of the year will be posted in the calendar. This will allow parents & staff to be advised in advance.
• School counselor applied for NEF grant reference "Mindfulness program"
• Staff created a "Donors Choose" fund me for education. Items requested class rugs, document camera, wobble stools are just a few items on the list.
• Partnership for Children - Jill Mahoney visited H.B., donated a book for each child for one class room.
• Reminder "Parent|Teacher" conferences are coming up, report cards will be distributed.
• No more carpet will be in the school all floors are being renovated throughout the school.
• Field trips are all on the website calendar for the rest of the year.
• Stem Night - there is a small fee and space is limited.
• Reading and Mindfulness Night in March.
• Upcoming school trips are being funded by PTO fundraising.

Fundraiser - Cristoline-Julie:
• Pick up Friday, Feb. 24th from 3:30 - 6:30 pm by the cafeteria corridor- Need volunteers for pick up schedule

New Fundraiser company- Heisi
• Nature's Vision:
o 40% of the sales proceeds come back to our school.
o Also, this company proudly donates a portion of their proceeds to help support environmental organizations.

Spirits Sticks-Julie
• New Spirit sticks are being sold in February at the school store and by order. Spirit sticks were voted on via a facebook poll

Food Bank / Spirit Day- Maria Savage:

• January totals :
o 6 Large boxes full of toiletries
• Theme: Healthy Living
• February
o Color: RED | Date: Friday February 17th
o Collecting most needed Items: Canned Soups, vegetables, fruits, chicken or tuna
o Was very successful the school collected over 100.
• March or April - we will not have a food drive collection.
• May - will be our last collecting for the school year.
o Theme: Gremlins items needed are dry snacks for the children for the summer

Scholastic dollars-Julie:
• Reading consultant currently has a fund value of $1,700.00 to spend.
• Will advise if any funds can be allocated for a child who may need additional small fund to complete their purchase.

Book Swap program - Heisi:
o Will look into this potential program for the end of this year of next school year.

Box Tops - Heisi:
• This school year goal was raised from $1,500 to $2,500.00

January totals:
o Box top labels: 3,393 = $339.30 | Labels for Education: 119 points
o Project A+: = $7.44 | Next Collection: scheduled in February

School Store - Heisi:
The school store will open 2 x a month on Mondays schedule is as follows:
• Location: Cafeteria | Hours: 8:40 am to 9:00 am | All items on sale will be less than a $1.00
• Schedule Monday's for 2017:
| March 6th & 20th | April 3rd & 24th | May 8th & 22nd
• Valentine's Mini Baskets raffle: raised $33.00
• School store sales from October up to now:
o Sold $643.00 minus expenses $ 340.00 - minus spirit smencils expenses $308.00 = profit $8.00
o Assistance requested from the 4th graders to assist with the K-grade.
o Plan on selling smencils during the "Literacy Night" event theme: Read


Fundraiser - Paint Night-Donna:

Bingo Night-Julie:
• Date: Friday-February 24th | Theme: Family | Time:6:30 pm | Being offered raffles, snacks, and prizes
• All board members must attend and need volunteers.
Need to discuss ideas for raffle donations or budget for game prizes like last year

Book Fair: Wed - Friday March 22nd, 23rd & 24th
• Location: 2nd floor corridor |
• 4 sessions - Times: 9:00am - 2:00 & 4:30pm - 7:00 pm
• 2 days only Wednesday-22nd & Thursday -23rd NO sales on Friday 24th
• All board members will take a turn, a schedule will be provided and we will need volunteers.
• All PTO board positions will be voted on fir next school year 2017-2018. Please contact us if you wish to be a part of the board next year.

School is closed Monday - Friday 10-14th

Fundraiser - Yankee Candle & Mother's day Flowers-Julie:
• Flyers, emails to parents, & FB announcements will be sent out | Drop off deadline TBD | Pick up will be scheduled in May TBD
• Pick up will be scheduled available from 3:30 - 6:30 pm by the cafeteria corridor.

Spring Dance/end of year dance - Donna:
• Date: No longer on the table.

4th grade picnic - Julie & Donna:
• Details are being worked on.

Fundraiser - Yankee Candle & Mother's day Flowers-Julie:
• Pick up 24th from 3:30-6:30 pm by the cafeteria corridor.

All are welcome!!
Please join us for our monthly PTO meeting. The monthly meetings are to discuss our upcoming events; Principal Gives a report and a teacher representative is also present. Please consider coming to show your support and share your ideas with the group. In addition, new board members will be needed for the 2017-2018 school year. Please consider being part of the PTO team.

**Volunteers needed, please email if available during day or evening**