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October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Hop Brook PTO Meeting Agenda & minutes from October 4, 2016Meeting held: School Library


PTO current board Members:

1. Julie Swindon - President/Parent
2. Donna Gomes -Treasurer/Parent
3. Heisi Figueroa - Box Top Coordinator-Staff/Parent
4. Maria Savage - Food Bank Coordinator-Parent
Treasurers Report-Donna Gomes: Started this year with a budget $ 13, 155.75

Principal's Report - Ms. K. Taylor:
• Parent/teacher conferences coming up October 18 & 19th. Parents to schedule on line their available date & time.
• Committee is currently working on the 100-year celebration plans.
• HBES has added a 1st grade teacher to join them very soon.
• Instructional rounds with observance scheduled for November 3rd.
• Clown pranks the Board of Ed and Police dept. are taking very seriously and taking precautionary measurements.
• Feedback Spirits sticks was a success.
• Currently there is a Kindergarten transition committee working with Mrs. Taylor. Looking for parents to join for representation. Parent's voices are welcome.
• School will have their own curriculum
• Reading & Math after school help will be offered on Tuesday & Thursday, No transportation will be provided, and roughly 20-30 children can attend the program.

Sunshine fund - Julie:
• Described what the sunshine club is. It is meant for the staff, parent, or family who is in a need. PTO provides a fruit basket, flowers or a card for the designated person or family in need of some sunshine in their life.
o Mrs. Taylor informed us of a terminally parent may use this - she will advise with further information.

Teacher's lunch - Julie:
• PTO will fund teacher's lunch for parent/teacher conference day.

Fundraiser Cristoline - Julie:
• Total sales: $ 4,470.00
• Payout: $2,541.00
• Proceeds: $ 1,929.00
• Delivery date: TBD
• Distribution times: TBD
• As soon as date is available notification will be provided to Mrs. Noss to send email home and Facebook to notify parents.

Fundraiser Lyman Orchard - Donna:
• Fundraiser sheets went out on Monday October 4th.
• Deadline: Friday, October 28th
• Pick up: Monday, November 14th
• Distribution hours: will be advised
• A raffle prize will be given out to the highest seller. A family movie pack of tickets.

Box Tops - Heisi:
• This school year goal $ 1,500.00
• Every classroom has a representative (one parent volunteer to cut, sort and package the labels per class)
• Bags were collected on Friday, Sept 30th by the class representatives.
• Bags with no name will be shown to teachers to inquire who they belong to.
• A reminder will be sent to the teachers to please place child's name on the bags.
• Came across box tops from last school year totaling $ 513.40, they were mailed last Friday. It will not be included in this school year goal.
• Every classroom has a representative (one parent volunteer to cut, sort and package the labels per class)
• Deadline to hand in all counted Box tops is Friday, October 7th. They will be submitted right away for school credit due to expiring dates.

Shoe Donation - Heisi:

• Mrs. Taylor/Miss Rolla & Heisi are working out the details for this event. Will advise by next PTO meeting with full details on collection.

School Store - Heisi:

• The school store will open 2 x a month on Mondays
• Location: Cafeteria
• Hours: 8:40 am to 9:00 am
• All items on sale will be less than a $1.00
• Schedule Monday's:
o October 17th & 31st
o November 14th & 28th
o December 12th & 19th
Additional - HF: would like to have a drawing contest for "thank you" card designs per grade. Aiming to send out a Flyer out by October 17th so we can pick the winners on our next PTO meeting.

Book Fair - PTO team:
• Scheduled for Wednesday & Thursday October 19th & 20th
• Donna will work during the day on Wednesday
o Looking for 2-volunteers
• Julie will work the evening hours
o Looking for 1-volunteer
• Maria will work during the day on Thursday
o Looking for 2-volunteers
• Heisi will work the evening on Thursday
o Looking for 1-volunteer

Holiday Fair Ornament Night - Julie & Donna:
• Vendors were invited during the Naugatuck Harvest town fest.
• Date: Friday, December 9th
• Vendors table fee $25.00
• Ornaments, cookies and water will be provided to the children funded by the PTO.
• Advertisement, announcements and reminder flyers will be finalized by November PTO meeting.
• Build A Bear - more information to come by November PTO meeting.

Spirit Day - Food Bank Drive - Maria Savage:

• We collected three bags of food during our September collection.
• Coordinator met with the president of the food bank and received a tour of the facility.
• Gave out minutes regarding the meeting held with principal & coordinator in September.
• The agenda, themes and flyers for the next three months were put together, approved and distribution already started.
• Next scheduled collection: Friday, October 14th.
• Collection boxes have been placed throughout the building for easy access to all the children and staff.
• In the very near future we will be putting together raffle tickets, gifts and class prizes for those who donate. Class prizes will be a pizza or Ice cream party. For individual winner they will be allowed to go to the school store and select a prize from selected items.
• Thanksgiving - There will be a human chain from the school leading to the food bank to show our children where their donations go.
• Scheduled: Friday, November 18th.
• Time: will be announced as the event gets closer.
• Principal is working on the logistic portion of this event with Board of Ed, Police Dept., and News.
• Coordinator is working on the announcements and flyers for other to join in this event.
• From this collection there will be 2-4 baskets put together to give out to selected families by the principal.
Old business - Spirit wear - Julie:
• Available at Team Image-store is located in town Rubber Avenue.
• Spirit day is currently on Friday's.
• Open to additional suggestion to promote school spirit day.
o Theme for October: Color Orange & Crazy socks

Old Business - Stop & Shop:
• Account was activated as of 10/5/16 for parents & staff to join the online set up and give credit to H.B.E.S.

PTO board members
Principal - Kathy Taylor
Social worker - Petunia Medy
o Karla Pinho, Cathy Rattanni, Patrick Norris
o Mark Cheney, Gail Cheney, Tali Louis, Alicia Makowski
o Total 13