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September 2016 Meeting Minutes

Hop Brook PTO Meeting Agenda & minutes from September 6, 2016

Meeting held:
• School Library

o PTO current board Members:
 Julie Swindon -President/Parent
 Donna Gomes-Treasurer/Parent
 Heisi Figueroa -Box Top coordinator-Teacher/Parent
 Maria Savage-Food Bank coordinator-Parent
 PTO will be providing staff shirts for members.

Treasurers Report-Donna Gomes:
o Started this year with a budget $13,375.00
o PTO has funded:
 BTS breakfast for staff
 Summer reading incentives
 Recess kick balls and jump ropes
 School store shopping cart on wheels
 Oriental trading supplies to jump start the school store

Principal's Report-Ms. K. Taylor:
o New staff members: Social worker-Counselor, Kindergarten, 2nd grade, learning adjustment, Reading, Math teachers.
o Announced the 100th birthday celebration that will be taking place at HBES with activities, arts and pictures during the year. Historical society celebration
o New Social Study curriculum.
o Frist & fourth grade has a new curriculum.
o Robotics this year for all fourth graders. (pilot program)
o Continuing mind growth set.
o New bulletin board theme "Kindness"
o Open house September 13th.
o Picture day September 28th.
o Playground stencil with paint located in the back parking lot.

Sunshine fund-Julie:
• Described what the sunshine club is. It is meant for the staff, parent, or family who is in a need. PTO provides a fruit basket, flowers or a card for the designated person or family in need of some sunshine in their life.

Open House 9/13-Julie:
• PTO will be providing sand art, cookies and water to the children in the cafeteria while parents are in their respective conferences.
o Looking for volunteers.
o PTO members will be at both sessions.

October book fair - Julie:
• Two days and evenings during the conferences.
• Reading consultant purchased $845.00 worth of books

October-Parent conferences - Julie:
• PTO will provide teachers lunch

Box Top and Labels for Education-Heisi:
• Discussed goals and incentives joining partnership with Big Y.
• New app on your cell phone to obtain more credit for HBES.

Shoe Drive-Heisi Figueroa:
• Is currently working with Leadership group on this upcoming project.
o Information of this project will be sent out shortly.

Spirit Sticks - Julie:
• New incentive and fundraising program.
• These sprit sticks will be sold at the school store as well.
• Ideas: Pokeman | Minecraft |Reading will be sold for $1.00

School Store - Heisi:
• Items will be relative to school theme and fun at the same time.
• Hours for the store will be every other Friday from 8:45 - 9:00 am.
• Heisi and additional staff members will be attending the store.
• The school store cart will be available in the cafeteria.

Friendly's fundraiser - Julie:
• Will be hosted late September, early October. Book raffle for participants

Fall Fundraiser - Julie:
o Cristoline - was distributed the 2nd week of school 9/6 due back 9/21.
o If a child/parent sells over $10 in items student can select an item from the school store.

Lyman Orchard Pie sale - Julie:
o Each pie sold entered into a raffle to win 4 pk of movie tickets Regal Cinema (4 winners)

Food Bank - Maria Savage:
o HBES staff/students/parents be asked to collect & donate non-perishable food for the local Naugatuck Food Bank.
o A flyers will be going out to parents on Parent teacher's night September 13th.
o The drive will help our community feed the families in need.
o The collection bags will be placed in each the teacher's desk on every Monday of the third week of the month.
o The flyer reminding the parents to send in a donation will be sent out the Friday before the 3rd Monday as a friendly reminder.
o I will go around the school collecting the bags on that Friday. Providing the children to be a part of their own community.
o There will also be a basket for collections in the staff lunch room.
o We will be hosting a special collection for the Thanksgiving & Christmas baskets for selected families in our school by Mrs. Taylor.

Spirit wear - Julie:

o Available at Team Image-store is located in town Rubber Avenue
o Spirit day is currently on Friday's
o Open to additional suggestion to promote school spirit day.
o Crazy hair day / Hat day / Favorite Sport day / PJ day

Upcoming events 2016:
PTO meetings:
o Will be held every first Tuesday of every month in the school library.
o Parent teacher's conference 13th night
October - Julie:
o Parent Teacher's conference in October -Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
October - Donna:
o Will be in contact with the vendors at Harvest fest for our annual Winter Wonderland festival.
November - Julie:
o Winter wonderland Will be putting together :
o Agenda / Hours / Staff / Ornaments / Refreshments / Flyers to be distributed mid Nov.
o A list of vendors and information to advertise to the parents with advance notice of this upcoming event.
o Raffles have already been received donations from Blue fish, Dave and Busters, CT Science center.
o Animal Land: Pre-buy a bear; build a bear @ the winter wonderland. More information to come.
November Holiday Shop-Julie:
• Will be putting together
o Agenda / Hours / Staff / Flyers / Hours will be during school

Stop & Shop:
Julie & Mrs. Noss will advise the information for parents to use for the A+ program.

PTO board members
Principal - Kathy Taylor
Social worker - Petunia Medy
1st grade Teacher - Debbie Langdon
1st grade Teacher - Jessica Frissora
Gail Cheney, Mark Cheney & Jamie DeRosa

Thank you to all for your time, ideas and participation.