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November 2016 Meeting Minutes

Hop Brook Elementary School - PTO Meeting Agenda & Minutes from November 1, 2016

Meeting held: School Library

Introductions: PTO current board Members:

o Julie Swindon -President
o Heisi Figueroa -Vice President
o Donna Gomes-Treasurer
o Maria Savage-Secretary
Attendees: Eleven

• Principal - Ms. Taylor
• Staff members - Ms. Andreoli, Miss Rolla, Mrs. Dematos, Mrs. Karistinos, Mrs. Nelson
• Parents - Jennifer Tully, Tamika Howard

Treasury Report-Donna Gomes:
1. Lyman Orchards Fundraiser
o Sold $ 4,522
o Profit $ 1,740.80 and 68.00 order
o 45 families participated
o 4 winners will be selected for movie tickets before pick up.
2. September Financial Report:
o Started 2016 year with a budget $ 13,155.75
o Ended this month $12,945.18

3. October Financial Report:
o Started this month $ 12,945.18
o Ended this month $ 16,379.53

Principal's report-Mrs. Taylor:

• Update 100 year anniversary
o The school took a picture in October with the number 100 for the celebration.
o The school will be celebrating the 100 anniversary on December 9th.
• New responsive class room curriculum:
o Currently being introduced by Ms. Andreoli and Miss Rolla.
o This program will be introduced to the entire school.

o Program information will be sent home with the students.
o Techniques, curriculum, books and lessons will all be available to students.

Sunshine fund-Julie:
• Brief description provided and Mrs. Taylor will advise if and when it is needed.

Teacher wish lists-Julie:
• Requested from staff members for ideas on what they would need in the near future.
• Staff informed they are currently putting together zip lock bags with a weekend supply of dry food and snacks to selected children in privacy.
• Items needed are:
o Zip Lock bags, easy mac, ramen noodle soups, cereal bars, breakfast bars and fruit snacks.
o All snacks must be peanut free.
o Currently these pre-packed meals are being distributed to 21 children.
o Julie-PTO member made the commitment to purchase some items and give them to principal.

Teacher holiday breakfast-Julie:
• Staff recommended Monday or Tuesday week of December 19th or 20th.
• Donna will purchase and set up the breakfast.

September Box Tops-Heisi:
• Box Tops Raised: $ 611.10
• Labels for Education Raised: 121 points
• Project A+ Raised: $ 108.74
• Top Labels class for September: Mrs. Gerrish (kindergarten) with 1,141
• Parent -Tamika Howard volunteered to take over a 4th grade class as the representative.

Scholastic Book Fair:
• Sold $ 1,652.00 scholastic dollars earned
• Thank you to ALL who volunteered
• PTO board will have a meeting in March to discuss in details, technicality, schedule, volunteer schedule & expectations, extra funds for children who are short, advertisement and any additional open issues.

Animal land fundraiser-Julie:
• Due date 11/15 for pre-orders
• Will be required to obtain 50 orders or it will not be possible to proceed with this fundraiser.
• Julie will advise if we will proceed once she contacts the vendor.

Holiday Fair/Ornament night-Julie:
• Committee meeting in Nov. No PTO meeting in December.

Holiday Shop - Julie
• Vote was taken and current position there will be no holiday shop during Ornament night.

Vendor Night-Donna:
• We have 10 vendors signed up. That is a profit of $250.00 so far.
• We will be advertising the event on social media, the patch and neighborhood paper.

School Store-Heisi:
• First Monday, October 17th sold $ 85.90
• Second Monday, October 31st sold $ 56.20
• Will be ordering smencils and winter items
• The store schedule will be re-sent out to parents/staff/children via email, announcements, flyers and social media.

Food bank donations-Spirit Day-Maria:
• October:
o 15 bags were received for donations.
• November :
o There are two - three boxes located in every floor of the building.
• Collections for this month will be due by Thursday, November 10th.
• Initial flyers have been sent home on Monday, October 31st. Reminder flyer will be sent out Friday and small reminder will be sent out Tuesday, November 8th. All paper for the flyers was donated by a parent.
• Human Chain is scheduled for Tuesday, November 15th @ 1:30 pm. Rain date will be Friday, November 18th.
• This event will be advertised on social media, the patch, CT Food Bank website and local businesses.
• Permission forms will be going out with the children.
• December:
• Collection will be held during our Ornament night.
• There will be a separate table set up for the donations.

Facebook winner selection
• Number 19 - Brian Newman

Drawing Contest-Thank you card winner-Heisi
• Voting took place during the Nov. 1 PTO meeting, all who attended voted for the winner of the drawing contest and 1 drawing per grade was selected.
• Winners are:
o Kindergarten-KG: Katelyn Lin
o Grade 1-1L: Ella Brown
o Grade 2-2M: Sophia Humphries
o Grade 3-3T: Abbigail Squires
o Grade 4-4M: Alexis Ucci

New business:
• Think ahead for spring art/music event
o "Brush Stroke" paint night - Booked for February 6th - Cost per person $40 and $15.00 of each ticket will come back to the school.
o "3D Art" for May - earth consciences
• Parent Jennifer suggested more advertisement on upcoming events.
• Parent Tamika suggested Free App as a reminder to all who join for upcoming events. Name of it is from Google voice.
• Parent Tamika suggested we need to work on obtaining more parent participation.