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March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Hop Brook PTO Meeting Agenda & minutes from March 8, 2017

Meeting held: School Library

Attendance: Board members: President: Julie Swindon, Co-president: Heisi Figueroa, Secretary: Maria Savage, Principal: Mrs. Taylor

Principal Report:

• Reminder "Parent |Teacher" conferences are coming up, report cards will be distributed.
• Field trips and all events are all on the website calendar for the rest of the year.

Fundraiser Bingo Night - Julie: Very successful, great attendance and participation from the parents.

Fundraiser - Cristoline-Julie:
• Bounced checks
• Will be proactive for next fundraisers and will contact parents prior to pick up to ensure pick is done according to schedule.

Fundraiser Yankee Candle - Julie:
• Order forms have been distributed
• Moved up end date so items will be distributed prior to break - Raffle

Fundraiser Mother's Day flowers: Will not be entertained this event this year.

New Officer Voting for 2017-2018
• A description of each board position responsibilities will be sent home in a flyer

New Fundraiser company-Jean Nelson: Presented new fundraiser company's for next school year:
1. Acts of Kindness - Raise Craze
2. Little Caesar Pizza Kits
3. Mixed Bags - meet goal
4. Chubby Chico Charms
5. Spirit Wear - Lily Frog
6. Art Holiday Cards - Mountain Color cards
7. Art Catalog Fundraisers - Students make their own art
8. Art Tile Legacy Wall & 9. Shoe Fundraiser

Duck Day Fundraiser - Donna: Details TBA

Box Tops-Heisi
• As of 3/7/17 we have raised $1,987.50
• On April 1st box tops will mail a check in the amount of $803.30
• We rank #10 out of 750 schools in our area.

School Store - Heisi:
• Voting tally was received on new spirit sticks top 3 winners are:
o I love dogs | Hanging with my peeps | I love cats

Food bank donations - Maria
• Next collections will be the last for the school year.
• Collecting all dry snacks for the children for the summer break.
• When: Friday, May 12th Color Theme: Yellow

Book Fair - Julie:
• Volunteer requests have been sent via email and Facebook.
• Reading consultant currently has a fund value of $1,700.00 to spend.

Weekend snacks - Julie & Donna: Will purchase and coordinate with Ms. Rolla the dry snacks to send home for the break in April.

End of year party - entire PTO board:
• Will start looking for vendors for one sweet, food and entertainment.
• Food will be for sale no profit to the PTO board.
• There will be a charge.

4th grade picnic- Julie and Donna met with staff and working on all details.