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April 2017 Meeting Minutes

Hop Brook PTO Meeting agenda & minutes from April 4, 2017

Meeting held: School Library | started: 6:35 pm

Board members attendance: President: Julie Swindon, Co-president: Heisi Figueroa, Secretary: Maria Savage, Treasurer: Donna Gomes

Staff & Parents attendance: Principal: Mrs. Taylor, Staff: Annie Pinho, Patti Schumacher, Jean Nelson, Gail Cheney

Principal's report - Mrs. Taylor:
• Reminder State testing notices went out last week with the children.
• Floors renovation project:
o The remainder rooms will be completed by the end of next week during school recess.
• Intercom system:
o The intercom is being fixed by the end of this week.
• Mindfulness grant - Ms. Rolla & Mrs. Andreoli:
o The grant that these two staff members applied for was granted.
o Winners are City hill & Hop Brook
• School field trips:
o All have been booked and are all on the website calendar for the rest of the year
• Recess supplies:
o PTO purchased balls and coloring chalks for recess.
• Instructional District rounds:
o Hop Brook had administrator's visit on April 3rd.
o Feedback:
 All children were engaged
 No sneaky behaviors
 Children were relaxed and practicing mindfulness
• Goodwill donation - Mrs. Langdon & Nemeth:
o A flyer went out to all children on Monday with the goodwill contest information. The school who donates the most will win a concert. Please see flyer for further details.

Treasurers Report-Donna:
• March Ending balance $ 16,966.49
• Dues were paid to PSC
• Teachers lunch were paid
• Buses still have to be paid
• Third grade trip expenses are still pending
• Purchased D.D. Parent PTO participation gift card - Playground balls - Snacks for the teachers go home program.

Old business:
Fundraiser School Spirit Wear - Jean: Sales: $921.00 Profit: $ 227.50
• Pick up for order will be scheduled for the week following "Spring recess"
• Date and time for pickups will be announced.
• The current supplier will no longer stock our inventory for next school year.

Fundraiser Yankee Candle - Julie: Sales: Profit: $ 1,581.00
• Pick up for parents Thursday, April 6, 2017 from 3:30 - 6:15 pm
• Two top seller winners 1st place Paige Edwards $ 418.00 2nd place Brook Newman $406.00

Fundraiser Scholastic Book Fair March - Julie:
• Sales: $3,350.00 Profit: $837.72
• We took all the profit in cash (vs scholastic dollars).
• Next book fair BOGO (buy one get one free) is booked for one day only Wednesday, May 31st

Box Tops-Heisi
• March ending balance : $ 803.30
• Totals for the school year: $ 2,500
• Totals for the school year : Tyson Project A+ $115

School Store Spirit Stick - Heisi:
• Sales on April 3rd : Spirit Sticks sold $35
• Totals for the school year : $ 56.75

Food bank donations - Maria & Ms. Taylor:
• Next collections will be the last for the school year.
• Collecting all dry snacks for the children for the summer break.
• There will be a competition. The top donations received from each grade will receive an ice cream party.

• The students will be helping count

• Collection scheduled for: Entire week of Monday, May 8th through Friday, May 12th
• Color Theme: Yellow

4th grade picnic - Julie and Donna:
• Currently working with Mrs. Schumacher outlining the items needed and schedule.
• A t-shirt will be available for signatures by all students to sign and give them out the day of the picnic.

• Suggestion: farewell gift a group picture frame.
• Picnic is scheduled for Thursday, May 25th, rain date: Friday, June 2nd.
• Permission slips will be going out after the "Spring Recess".
• Park Rangers will be present
• Time: from 10:00 am until 1:00 pm
• Two buses will be required.

End of year party - entire PTO board:

Confirmed date of event: Friday, June 9th Start time 6:30 pm

• Maria - reached out to Fire House Pizza Truck, cost for each slice would be $5.00. Too expensive and they were not available for the date.

• Julie - confirmed the face painting and Twisty brothers both vendors will be attending.
o Twisty Bro - Cost $ 200 hr will provide a discount if we advertise and provide feedback.
o Face Painting - Cost $ 75 hr with enough staff to handle the crowd
• Julie - Photo Booth not confirmed - Cost $400 for 2 hours. Cost 2016 over $400.00
• Jean - Photo Booth -will look into back drops and set up with Ms. Field & Ms. Cappola.
• Jean - confirmed Ice cream vendor has been hired.
• Jean- will reach out to Mike's pizza and Mario's pizza in town to see if they are available and willing to attend. All proceeds would go directly to the vendor.

• Julie - requested volunteers are recruited.
• Ms. Schumacher - suggested reaching out to the staff to see if they possibly may be interested in volunteering.

• Donna - Will reach out to a DJ vendor and will advise cost.
• Julie - Raffle all proceeds will go to PTO to attempt to recover the expenses of this event.
• Mrs. Taylor -
o Will look into hiring a policeman or fire dept due to the volume of expected attendance.
o Suggested we host two sessions.

Session 1: for an hour for grades K - 2

Session 2: for an hour for grades 3 - 4

If there are more than one grade parents can decide which session to attend.

New business:

Duck Day - Donna: Is handling announcements of tickets, flyers and will advise with further information.

Box Tops-Heisi:
• Looking for idea on how to store b.t. during the summer.
o One suggestion: buy envelopes with magnets so parents can place it on the refrigerator and drop th b.t. label in it and send it in September

New Officer Nominations for 2017-2018:

• A description of each board position responsibilities flyer was sent home this month.
• This announcement will be announce again on social media prior to the meeting.
• Deadline for receipt of nominations was April4th. Nominations were accepted by Julie.
o Currently running:
 President: Heisi Figueroa
 V.P.: Maria Savage and Jean Nelson
 Treasurer: none
 Secretary: none
• Only parents can vote according to the PTO by laws.
• Parents must be present to vote.
• Ballots and voting for new officers will take place at our last PTO board meeting Tuesday, May 2nd.

Meeting adjourned: 8:00 pm