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May 2017 Meeting Minutes

Hop Brook Elementary School - PTO Final meeting for 2016/2017 school year

Meeting held: Main Office | started 6:30 pm

Board members attendance: President: Julie Swindon, Vice-president: Heisi Figueroa, Secretary: Maria Savage, Treasurer: Donna Gomes

Staff and Parents attendance: Principal: Mrs. K. Taylor, Jose Luis Velazquez, Helen Paravalos-Velazquez, Michelle Martinez-Roman, Marcela Visciano, and Sarah Gray

Principal's report - Mrs. K. Taylor:
• Teachers & staff were very touched by the "Teacher Appreciation" room makeover and gifts.
• New floors have been installed in all classes accept one class Mrs. Andreoli. It will be completed in June.
• In June all stairs will be replaced with new treads.
• Shifts in teacher grades:
o Mrs. Maher is going to teach next school year third grade.
o Mrs. Andreoli is going to teach next school year fourth grade.
o Mrs. Meyers will retire at the end of the school year.
o Grades K-1-2 waiting to see the number of children enrolled in order to determine how many teachers will be needed.
o Bag It Up Goodwill-received feedback on how amazing the response was from the HBES community.
o Food Service-received a Food Corps grant, H.B.E.S will be hiring a volunteer; she/he will be hired to work fulltime strictly in H.B.E.S., starting Aug through June 2018. She/he will be providing nutritional lessons, co-teach staff, gardening and so much more. She/he will be looking for a location on the school premises to grow a community garden.
o Field day is scheduled for Friday, May 19th.
o Mrs. Andreoli will be silly string during field day.

Treasury report - Donna:
• Current balance: $ 17,552.75
• Expenses paid for:
o Field trips for third grade
o Scholarship program $500.00
o T-Shirts $79.67
o Loss Yankee Candle: $65.00

• Outstanding pending expenses:
o Buses expenses for all field trips are still pending.
o End of Year celebration expenses are still pending.
o 4th grade picnic, T-shirts, picture frames, food, bus expenses are all still pending.

Duck Day - Treasurer - Donna:
• Tickets are available for sale.
• Face value $2.50 Being sold for $5.00 profit to PTO $2.50 for the final year expenses.
• Will sell tickets during Field day scheduled for May 19th.
• Currently available 200 tickets, only two tickets have been sold so far.
• Another reminder flyer will be sent out.
• Posters will be provided to Mrs. Taylor she will post them around the school.

Spirit Wear - Parent Mrs. Jean Nelson - Not present (Julie updated)
• Spirit wear-profit $208.50
• Adopt a Spot:
o HBES will be looking for a spot to clean up and make environmentally friendly.
o Potential spot will be in the back entrance of the school.
o Requested for donations $100.00 for the soil, flowers and mulch.
o A flyer will be going out to the HBES community very shortly.

Box Tops Labels - V. P. - Heisi:
• Box Tops:
o $803.10 for submissions for labels from November & January
o February - collected in February has not been processed yet through the company. Not reflected in our account.
o Scanning receipt we earned $12.00
o March - Value for B.T. for March we earned $146.80
• Labels for Education:
o We have over 2,000 points
o We will be ordering soccer balls for the school.
o This program will be ending this school year.
• Labels for A+:
o Received check $150
o Our goal was 1,500 we have already reached 1,900
o February, March & April are not included.
• School Store:
o March $57.25
o Will be discussing and researching for a new line to be brought in for next school year over the summer.

Book Fair - President - Julie:
• Scholastic BOGO Book fair: (Buy One Get One Free)
o Scheduled for May 31st
o Books will be delivered memorial weekend.
o Will be held for one day only and an all-day event.
o Will be advertising and looking for volunteers.
o PTO will not make any profit from this sale.
o Goal of sale we must meet $2,500.00 in order to earn Scholastic dollars with 10% back.
o Mrs. Karistinos-Reading teacher has a budget of $1,700.00 at the beginning of the school to use and currently has a balance of $1,000.00 to be used.

Food Bank coordinator - Secretary - Maria:
• Next collections will be the last for the school year.
• Collecting all dry snacks for the children for the summer break.
• There will be a competition. The top donations received from each grade will receive an ice cream party.
• The students will be helping count.
• A collection box will be placed in every class.
• Collection scheduled for: Entire week of Monday, May 8th through Friday, May 12th
• Color Theme: Yellow

4th grade picnic - President & Treasurer - Julie & Donna:
• Permissions slips have been sent out.
• Waiting for the t-shirt sizes list.
• Waiting for the signing for the t-shirts
• PTO will be purchasing picture frames-expense over $400.00
• PTO will be purchasing food-expense TBD
• Food will be ordered from

End of Year - PTO Board:
• Scheduled for Friday, June 9th from 6:30 - 8:00 pm
• Two shifts: K -2 grade first hour - 3-4th grade second hour
• Donna - will work on DJ-music
• Helen - will work on the hot dog truck availability
• Julie - confirmed the face painting and Twisty brothers both vendors will be attending.
o Twisty Bro - Cost $ 200 per hr will provide a discount if we advertise and provide feedback for a confirmed fee $50 per hr
o Face Painting - Cost $ 75 per hr with enough staff to handle the crowd.
• Jean - confirmed Ice cream vendor has been hired.
• Jean - Photo Booth - is currently working with Ms. Fields & Ms. Coppola for back drops

• Mrs. Taylor -

o Suggested we host two sessions.
 Session 1 for an hour for grades K - 2.
 Second session second hour for grades 3 - 4, if there are more than one grade parents can decide which session to attend.

PTO Board - Nominations/Voting:
• 2017-18 H.B.E.S. PTO New Board members:
o President: Heisi Figueroa
o Vice President: Maria Savage
o Treasurer: Helen Paravalos-Velazquez
o Secretary: Sarah Gray
o Board Officer #1: Michelle Martinez-Roman
o Board Officer # 2: Jose Luis Velazquez

PTO transition plan:
• President gave the folder with information to new president.
• Treasurer will be making arrangements with new treasurer to ensure a smooth transition of information and role of responsibilities.
• Secretary will be making arrangements with new secretary to ensure a smooth transition of information and role of responsibilities.

Meeting adjourned: 8:00 pm